Handling Fees:

All Breed - $125

Airedale & Wire Fox Handling

Ringside pick up - $125
Regional Specialty - $250
National Specialty - $500  
Group Shows - $250

Montgomery County Kennel Club weekend
$500 A Day

Westminster Kennel Club
(1 show)  - $1500  

AKC National Specialty Show
(Double Handling rates
for week of

Custom Handling
Per Day - $750  
Show Bonuses

Best In Show All Breed - $750
Group 1 - $200
Group 2 - $150
Group 3 - $125
Group 4 - $100

Regional BISS - $250

National Specialty BISS - $500

Regional Specialty WD/WB/BOS/AOM/GCS

National Specialty WD/WB/BOS/AOM/GCS


Large - $20
Small - $18
Pet - $30


Hourly Rate for All Grooming - $85/hr

Breeding (Dog or Bitch)

Natural (up to 3) - $250
Artificial (up to 3) - $300

Airport Pick UP/Drop off

Vet Trip
(Slade or Suffield)
RC and Hailey Carusi
13 Huguenot Rd
Oxford, MA 01540

Entries will require a major credit card and will be set up through an entry service of our choosing. Owners will be responsible for all fees for entries.

There is a .10¢ per mile per client for all travel to shows.

All expenses incurred during travel to and from the shows will be pro-rated among the dogs being shown. All cash awards are retained by the handler.

Owners are responsible for all veterinary fees. All dogs will be seen for veterinary care without the owner’s authorization if we or a member of staff of ours deems it necessary. Owners must provide a valid rabies certificate to us for our file prior to a dog being shown by us.

It is understood that we will do everything in our power to show every dog. In the event we are unable to do so, we will have an assistant or another handler we deem responsible take our place. The same handling rates will apply.

All statements are due upon receipt. Any payment not received by the end of the billing cycle will incur a $50.00 late fee. A charge of $50.00 will be applied to a check returned to us for any reason.

Rates are subject to change with a 60 day notice to clients.